If you were trying to think of the most random possible meeting between two celebrities, you probably couldn't do much better than rapper Post Malone and comedian Andy Dick. However, the unlikely was made reality Thursday night, despite some intervention from Post's security.

As reported by TMZ, Post can be seen sitting in the passenger seat of his black and white Lamborghini, signing autographs for a never-ending legion of fans. The paparazzi try to ask him questions, but Post doesn't appear responsive to their inquiries. On the other side of the car, however, Andy Dick began his approach.

It's uncertain what exactly Andy wanted to talk to Post about, but it must have been important. As he's tilting down to speak to Post, the camera catches Post's bodyguard grabbing him from behind and yanking him backwards off the Lambo. It seems that the bodyguard mistook Andy as just an enthusiastic fan, which seems like a credible mistake to make if you weren't already familiar with his work.

After the misunderstanding, it seems that Andy does manage to get in a little chat with Post before he parts the sea of thirsty fans and drives off into the night. He's shortly followed by French Montana in a separate car, at least according to the photographer who shot the whole thing.

Just watching the video shows just how bizarre the experience of being a superstar celebrity truly is, and how you can be surrounded by adoring fans in a matter of minutes.