Andrea Constand is finally speaking out about the sexual assault she endured at the hands of Bill Cosby back in 2004. Thursday morning's Today Show previewed an interview between NBC reporter Kate Snow and Constand, which will be aired in full on a forthcoming episode of Dateline

"He had three blue pills in his hand and he put his hand out. 'I said 'What are those?'" Constand recalled. When she probed him further about the exact identity of the pills, Cosby told her they were "your friends." She then admits how she ended up consuming the mystery tablets because she "trusted that they would make me feel more relaxed." "You trusted him?" Snow asked, with Constand revealing "I did."

After consuming the pills, she began to feel weak and had trouble speaking. "My mind is saying, 'move your hands, kick, I don't want this, why is this person doing this?'" she thought to herself during the scenario. "I was limp. I was a limp noodle."

Constand continues to detail how she was "in and out of consciousness. I was crying out inside, in my throat, in my mind, for this to stop. I couldn't do anything."

Additionally, Snow reveals to The Today Show co-hosts what ran through Constand's mind after hearing Cosby's guilty verdict read aloud in court. "She told [me] she had come to peace with this and was sitting in the courtroom thinking, 'Whatever way this goes I am going to be OK with it. She didn't react much when the verdict was read, she describes to me hearing those words 'guilty, guilty, guilty' on three counts and feeling stunned and feeling some level of redemption."