Andre Iguodala has been going on a bit of press run recently and has been divulging a ton of information whether it be in regards to the Golden State Warriors medical staff or the "blackballing" of his former head coach Mark Jackson. During an appearance on CNBC, Iguodala was asked about LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard and which of those two players was the hardest to guard.

As you would imagine, Iguodala has immense respect for both of these players and talked in great lengths about LeBron and his ability to make all of his teammates better. As Iggy explains, James can dish the ball like no one else all while putting up 30 points a game which makes him especially dangerous. Despite this, LeBron still isn't the hardest person Iguodala has guarded.

In fact, the Golden State Warriors veteran revealed that Kobe Bryant is the hardest person he's ever had to guard which makes sense when you consider how great of a player Kobe is. For Kawhi and LeBron to even be mentioned in the same breath must be quite the honor.

Iguodala's press run has to do with his new book and during his various trips to media outlets, he has been able to talk about a plethora of issues including his basketball career and some behinds the scenes stuff.