Kristaps Porzingis was one of the biggest enigmas in the entire NBA just a few years ago as he was drafted early on by the New York Knicks. Many thought that Porzingis was a horrible pick but he quickly turned into one of the best players from his draft class. Now, Porzingis is off of the Knicks and plays for the Dallas Mavericks. On Thursday night, the Mavericks were in Mexico to take on the Detroit Pistons. In the end, the Mavericks won the game and Porzingis came through with a monster poster dunk on Andre Drummond.

After performing the dunk, Porzingis stared down Drummond which depending on who you ask, is the ultimate form of disrespect. In the aftermath of all this, Drummond took to Twitter where he sent a friendly message to Porzingis, asking exactly what happened? As Drummond says, the two are supposed to be friends although it seems like the Pistons star is simply laughing it off as opposed to actually being mad.

The Mavericks and Pistons are two teams heading in completely different directions. It seems like the Mavs are turning into a legitimate playoff team as the Pistons battle to even hit the eighth seed. Now that Porzingis is finally on a good team, it shouldn't be surprising that he is acting in such a way.