As part of Converse's series "Three Artists. One Song," the elusive Andre 3000 will be joining the Gorillaz and James Murphy (former LCD Soundsystem frontman) on an original track called "DoYaThing."

"DoYaThing" will drop February 23rd and will be available for free download.

Murphy spoke on writing "DoYaThing" with the Gorillaz and Three Stacks to Billboard, saying "It was literally akin to a bunch of kids playing with toys until someone else said, 'Ooh!  I like that bit!' Writing the lyrics was the funniest part...  one person would be mumble-singing something and another would overhear him and ask, 'Oh… did you just sing…' I don't know... some crazy words that weren't at ALL what the guy was singing, and those new, misunderstood words could become the hook for a verse. I loved that about it."