One half of Outkast, Andre 3000 has been busy with lots of projects, including jumping on some major collaborations for other artist’s albums, and has not been recording with his Outkast partner.  His collabo with T.I., brings two ATL legends together, and is one of the most hyped upcoming features for fans.  Three Stacks talks about working with Tip, and how he got inspiration for the verse on “Sorry”.  Andre also talked about Big Boi’s sophomore solo album, and updated fans about the possibility of an Outkast project.

T.I. has been telling everyone that Andre dropped an incredible verse on the track “Sorry” for his upcoming Trouble Man LP.  Dre talks about recording the verse, and credits The King of the South for inspiring him, “Me and T.I. been trying to do a song for a long long time, and for me it’s always about the actual song, or the project.” He describes how T.I.’s lyrics are what inspired his own, “As soon as his lyrics came on, it kinda hit home for me...I wouldn’t have wrote that verse if I hadn’t of heard [T.I.'s] verse.”

With his second solo LP Viscious Lies And Dangerous Rumors dropping on December 11th, many fans were disappointed to learn the Outkast duo were not reunited on the album.  Still, Andre was with Big Boi as he developed the LP, “[Big Boi] Comes by and plays songs every couple of weeks...and he’s finally wrapped it up...I’m proud of that dude man.”

What most impresses 3000 is that Big Boi did not use ghostwriters, “I know how hard it is to write your own raps for a whole album,” adding, “In this day and age most rappers don’t even write their own raps, which is OK cause we love their albums.”

Asked point blank about the possibility of an upcoming Outkast project, Andre said nothing was in the works, but left the doors open for one, “We don’t know what the future will be.  There could be, I just can’t say right now...if we decide to do something, you’ll know about it.