Fans are anticipating if Outkast will ever return in full form, given Big Boi's take on the situation yesterday, it may be a possibility. However, Andre 3000 seems to be still on the fence as to whether he'll be getting back into the music, full swing.

While doing promo for his Gilette razor campaign, the other half of Outkast spoke to RollingStone about the the possibility of a solo album from himself. Big Boi originally got fans excited at the possibility when he tweeted his solo LP, Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors, would precede one from 3K. While Andre says he does contemplate it, nothing is set in stone.

"Things are kind of up in the air with me, and some days, I feel like yeah, I'll do it. Some days, I feel like, I don't. I don't know the future of music right now. I have no idea what I do. I honestly don't," he said. "I record and I write ideas. I think I'll always do that, for some reason. But I don't know if it will go to another artist or will it be my stuff or will it go to some movie? I don't know. I just kind of keep creating and hopefully, it'll fall into a slot."

While he shied away from answering questions about Outkast, he said he was unaware of any plans of the duo visiting Epic Records to reunite with L.A. Reid (as had been rumored). Three Stacks tries to avoid reading gossip as much as possible. "What's crazy is, I don't read the Internet. I've never had a Twitter, I've never had a Facebook," he said. "None of that kind of stuff, because it makes me mad to read it sometimes. I just don't. I don't hear all the rumors."