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Andre 3000 Joins Cast Of ABC’s “American Crime” Series

  Aug 01, 2015 00:57
Andre 3000 to appear in ABC's "American Crime" show.

It looks like Andre 3000 is taking his talents to the small screen. According to Variety, the Outkast member has been tapped as a co-star on season 2 of ABC's crime drama series “American Crime”.

Andre will reportedly play the part of a father, Michael Lacroix, whose teenager is suspected of the season's central crime. He will star opposite of Regina King.

With the show currently in production, Andre is reuniting with his “All Is By My Side” director John Ridley and the “American Crime” creator for season two of the ABC series. Here’s what Ridley had to say about working with Three Stacks:

“Personally, I couldn’t be more excited than to work again with Andre. He is an amazing individual, a true artist, and ‘All Is by My Side’ is one of the reasons I was given the reins on ‘American Crime.’ Folks at ABC were absolutely moved by Andre’s performance in the film, and by the overall language of cinema we used in telling the story. It’s fair to say ‘American Crime’ might not exist were it not for our previous collaboration.”

Will you be tuning in to watch Andre & the show next season?


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top comment
- Aug 1, 2015

Who shitted in your ice cream?

Quentin Miller Pen
- Aug 2, 2015

Don't worry my friends we're in the studio now making those hits as we speak!

Grand Stylez
- Aug 2, 2015

I think its shitty when an artist goes on a hiatus unannounced, like it would have been better if Andre said Idlewild would be his last project forever, you owe that to your fans nigga

Trash Can
- Aug 1, 2015

Fuck this.XXL needs to put him on the freshman cover

One Salty Nigga
- Aug 1, 2015

I like Andre 3000 as a rapper & an actor but it is difficult for me to respect him more as an artist when he has never technically dropped a solo album. And he is in a lot of ppL's top 5-10, ppL say he is 1 of the GOATs, with not even 1 solo album?

- Aug 1, 2015

The love below is technically a solo album.

Nigga All is by my side was trash Want an album dammit!

Nigga needs to join Big Boi & give us one more final album..

I gave up hope on that years ago. He doesn't seem to care about music that much anymore.

- Aug 1, 2015


Solo debut album plz mr. 3 stacks

- Aug 1, 2015

Need some new music from him

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