Anderson Silva is a bonafide legend in the world of MMA and the UFC. At 44 years old, Silva isn't exactly the fighter he used to be, although the UFC is still giving him fights and on Saturday, May 11th, Silva will get to participate in UFC 237 where he will fight Jarden Cannonier. Silva's last fight was against Israel Adesanya back in February, a fight he ultimately lost.

Silva is excited to be getting back into the Octagon and while his focus is on Cannonier, the fighter is already thinking about a potential super fight against Conor McGregor. Speaking to TMZ Sports, Silva said he would love for UFC president Dana White to make the fight happen as it would make everyone involved a lot of money.

"Come on, boss," Silva said "Give this show for the fans. Give this show for the fans of UFC. It's good money for you, Dana. And, a good challenge for me and Conor."

The UFC legend also explained that he would want to fight McGregor at 180 pounds which is 25 pounds above Conor's usual weight of 155.

"That's the good fight for me and Conor. It's a super, super, super fight," Silva explained.

Who do you think would win this bout?