If you're a fan of Anderson .Paak and you live in California, then you might be interested to know that he'll be performing a "free" show tomorrow. However, there is a catch, and depending on your level of fitness it could be a potentially deal breaking one. 

Anderson will be performing tomorrow evening at the Adidas' "Run For The Oceans" marathon on Sunset Blvd. The word 'marathon' is a stretch, given that the run is really only 5 kilometers long, but the runners will be allowed to go even further than that if they wish. In fact, they'll be encouraged to, as the amount of distance they run, the more they're helping the environment.

For every kilometer ran, Adidas has pledged to donate $1 to Parley Ocean Plastic Program, which aims to take on the threat of plastic pollution in the oceans, up to a maximum of $1 million. While the event is definitely for a worthy cause, the amount of runners participating is capped at 603. This means that if they wanted to reach the cap of $1 million, every single runner there would have to clock 1,658.37 kilometers a piece. Which might be a little difficult considering the run starts at 7 PM and Anderson .Paak's show starts at 9. 

Regardless of the total, it may still be worth it just to get some free drinks and see Anderson .Paak live. He's got a new project coming out, so the possibility of hearing new music is always there. 

Check out the announcement and reserve your place at the run below: