Under an hour ago, Anderson. Paak posted a "staged" photograph of him and Kendrick Lamar sharing a row of displaced airplane seats, with the caption, "October 4th," suggesting a release date of some kind drawing both men together as they'd planned. Fans are biting their nails in the hopes that an October release will incorporate an executive touch from their mentor Dr. Dre, if not a selected beat from his catalog.

Most of Anderson's album deployment for Oxnard has taken place in Dr Dre's well-equipped bunker, a studio always open to dear friend Kendrick Lamar. On September 12, Anderson declared the album done with Dre attendance. They posted a genuinely gleeful selfie to honor the occasion. It's true. Dre's mentorship program is hospitable, enough for Kendrick Lamar to return unfazed. It seems as though everyone Dre has earmarked for success has retained a special kinship with him to this day.

The photograph I speak of could be "staged" with good reason, Kendrick and Paak could very well be on a video shoot. Spot the Rolls Royce in the picture frame, surely a visual cue he placed on purpose. In any case, October 4th promises to deliver some kind of project, as we approach we get closer to the big day.