Anderson .Paak Swims In Cash In The "Bubblin" Video

Matthew Parizot
May 17, 2018 17:15

Anderson .Paak lives his wildest dreams in his new music video for "Bubblin."

Anderson .Paak has taken over today, first by appearing on Sam Speigel's new track, "20 Below," then he took it to the next level by announcing that he has an album on the way that he's working on with Dr. Dre, as well as dropping the first single, "Bubblin."

Now the video has already dropped, and considering the subject matter of the song, it's suitably silly. A lucky encounter with a broken ATM causes it to start spurting out money non-stop, allowing a broke Anderson .Paak to live his wildest dreams. He buys a zebra within the first two minutes of the video, and that doesn't even begin to cover the flagrancy in which Anderson is spending his money and living his life. 

Before he found success as a musician, Anderson was left homeless for a time, so knowing that, the video can appear to be a bittersweet fantasy of wealth for those that will likely never taste it. That being said, there's not a down moment in this video, as the joy Anderson feels with his ATM perfectly mirrors the jubilance present in the song. 

Greed is a sin, however, and without spoiling everything, Anderson does eventually get his comeuppance. Check out the video for "Bubblin" above.  

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