Anderson .Paak's next album, Oxnard Ventura, is on the way, and it's lead single, "Bubblin," marks a high energy turn in Anderson's music. In the most recent episode of "Verified," Anderson breaks down the meaning behind the lyrics of his energetic single, and it somewhat involves moms. 

The track, which was produced by Jahlil Beats and AntMan Wonder, gave Paak the impression of a black James Bond, and apparently got his son so excited that he even began writing video treatments for his dad, some of which likely made it into the final video. 

This is all cute and nice, but by the end of explaining the first verse is where things begin to get pretty messy. One bar from the song, "I been broker longer than I been rich so until it levels out / I'ma take your mama to the Marriott and wear it out," inspires a lengthy statement on how moms need love too. 

"A lot of you moms is single moms, pops ain't worth shit," Anderson says. "You need a good time too. You need somebody to take you to the Marriott and wear that ass out." He then proceeds to give a demonstration on what that might look like. 

Other topics that Anderson covers include: bad music at Vegas clubs, gold plated rims, and the definition of cuckoldry. It seems that Anderson has no intention of holding back anything when it comes to the lyrics of his songs, just make sure he stays away from your mom. Check out the breakdown below: