There is no amount of money that Sweden could cough up to make up for what A$AP Rocky has experienced over the last month. That is, according to Anderson .Paak. The usually-smiley Oxnard artist was stopped by a TMZ cameraman and asked to give his take on Rocky's current circumstances, and like many others, Paak is outraged at Swedish prosecutors.

"I feel bad for him, man," Paak said. "He should be out." When asked about boycotting Sweden, Paak said, "I feel rappers should unite in general. A$AP gotta get out ASAP. I wanted to smack n*ggas through the phone watching the video of them harassing them, so it's a shame that as soon as they do do something, he gets tossed in jail."

"They don't treat Rocky the same way they treat someone else," Paak added. We previously reported that if Rocky is found not guilty or the charges are dropped, he may be able to recoup the money he's lost while sitting in jail. "All that time that's passed, I don't know what's going on with him now, but all the time he's just can't put no price on that. All the stuff he's missing out [on]. His [family], all the things. It's a shame."

While the general consensus among artists, whether they know Rocky or not, has been that the rapper doesn't deserve what he's going through, the boycotting of Sweden is divided. Some artists have canceled shows and won't step foot in the country until they feel justice has been served, while others don't believe that stopping your own checks is worth the risk.