Another day, another piece of evidence that "real recognize real" is indeed a genuine principle. Upon releasing his Aftermath-produced Oxnard album in November, Anderson .Paak has been reaping the benefits of a job well done. Though the project has been divisive among his longtime fans, Paak's latest has come to be genuinely favored, with many praising the rapper's diverse artistry and musical acumen. In fact, being an accomplished drummer in his own right, it's safe to say that .Paak stands alongside the rap game's best musicians. 

In that sense, it's no surprise to see Paak and Andre 3000 link up in the studio, if only to chop it up as buds. Of course, Three Stacks has been "retired" for a minute, so to suggest a brewing collaboration feels disingenuous until proven otherwise. Still, .Paak's caption of "Future looking bright" seems to indicate a positive change brought on by Andre's company; perhaps the OutKast legend has taken a vested interest in Paak's career, not unlike Dr. Dre before him. 

Either way, the picture is a great hip-hop shot, and one has to wonder what exchanges transpired at this meeting of the minds. Peep the image below.