Well here some good news for Prince fans. New unreleased music is on the way! To commemorate the one-year anniversary of Prince’s untimely passing this Friday (April 21), Rogue Music Alliance will release a 6-track EP of unreleased Prince cuts titled Deliverance, which is available now for pre-order on iTunes, along with its title track (see below).

According to their press release, the 6-tracks were recorded between 2006 and 2008 with his engineer Ian Boxill, and following Prince’s passing, Ian went back in the studio to finish it up.

"The songs were written and recorded when Prince was an independent artist, protesting what he saw as an unjust music industry," the press release reads. "In the spirit of that independence, and in supporting Prince's opinion of major label contracts, Deliverance is being released independently via RMA."

All profits from this release will reportedly go to Prince‘s estate. However, Complex reports that Prince’s estate isn't too happy with the EP and is now suing the engineer Boxill over five unpublished Prince songs, including the title track “Deliverance."

ABC affiliate KSTP reports that the plaintiffs are accusing Boxill of "trying to exploit one or more songs for his personal gain at expense of the Prince Estate." The filing states Boxill had signed an agreement that all recordings he did with the legendary artist "would remain Prince's sole and exclusive property," and he "would not use any recordings or property in any way whatsoever."

Nonetheless, the EP is still dropping this Friday only in the United States though due to "licensing laws.” Stream the title track, “Deliverance,” (below) and pre-order the EP here on iTunes.