For those who've always wished they could date a high-profile crush like Drake or Selena Gomez, this dating app may have the next best thing for you.

Badoo, a partner website of Bumble's, has introduced a new feature where you can match with someone based on how much they look like a given celebrity. According to Billboard, it scours the 350+ million people who use the app and gives you a list of potential doppelgangers that are within your close proximity, wherever that may be. While the results aren't perfect, some of the matches do bear more than a passing resemblance to the famous person they're meant to stand in for. Let's hope Madame Tussauds doesn't get hired to make the avatars one day...

Try out the app here and view some lookalikes to hip-hop celebs below.

DJ Khaled 774 lookalikes
Kendrick Lamar 771 lookalikes
Drake 698 lookalikes
Selena Gomez 1,366 lookalikes
Post Malone 779 lookalikes