Comedian Amy Schumer and model Emily Ratajkowski have been arrested for their involvement in the protest revolving around Donald Trump's nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, an alleged sex offender, for the highest position in the Supreme Court. Both individuals were part of boisterous speaking engagement-protest held outside a US Senate building in Washington, DC.

Video of Amy Schumer, who was leading the discourse, shows her verbally consenting to her own arrest, as an officer leads her through the rapidly-dispersing crowd. The comedian wasn't alone in receiving her marching orders, it is believed that 300 other individuals, including Emily Ratajkowski, were arrested during the mass protest. 

Additional footage caught by protesters who kept a healthy distance around the perimeter of the "red zone," shows the same arresting officers threatening the crowd withheld behind the camera lens, with imminent arrest if they stepped any further. Schumer and Ratajkowsjki, who led the protests from a leadership position, were introduced to one another on the set of I Feel Pretty, a film where a painfully obvious Jekyll & Hyde scenario took scenario took center stage.