Childish Gambino is a hard act to follow. The talented actor/singer/rapper/writer hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend (and also featured as the musical guest). His appearance on SNL gave the live comedy sketch show a ratings boost, and he dropped the genius music video for "This Is America" while performing it on the air. Amy Schumer took the reigns from 'Bino this past weekend, and hosted SNL.

The hilarious comedian and actress featured in one skit that combined the worlds of Sex and the City and The Handmaid's Tale. Schumer plays Offred, the main Handmaid in the Netflix series. “As I waited for the girls in downtown Gilead, I was feeling like an uptown Gal-ead, and I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Are women allowed to do anything anymore?,’” questions Schumer, emulating Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw ’s inner thoughts. The women joke about oppression, abuse, and sex. They continue on to mix the oppressed culture of the Netflix series, with the sexual feminist freedom of the HBO show, to create a funny and intelligent take on the issues that women encounter.  “If you’re not traumatized, you’re not watching TV,” says the show's narrator. Check out the skit below.