Amir Khan spent a good portion of the evening chopping it up with Caitlyn Jenner at the ESPYs, later documented the encounter on social media. People on the Internet, specifically advocates in the Transgender community took offence to Amir Khan referring to Caitlyn as "Bruce" in his social media post. Amir Khan has since tried to make amends for his lack of better judgement.

TMZ caught up with the British boxer in Los Angeles shortly after the ceremony and gave him platform to issue a rather genuine apology. Amir Khan said that he and Jenner were having a good time talking about their respective experiences as amateur athletes. Before he turned pro as a boxer, Khan medalled at the 2004 Olympiad much like his counterpart Jenner who clinched the Gold at the '76 games in Montreal. Jenner retired quickly thereafter sensing there was money to be had if he renounced his amateur status.

Although Khan seems genuinely apologetic, he still uses the "him" pronoun to describe Jenner several times in his TMZ interview. There is obviously an adjustment to learning proper pronouns even for those genuinely devoted to getting right. Amir Khan is at least off to a promising start.