Just yesterday we posted about a kid who reportedly tried to steal a plane to hit up a Beyonce and Jay Z concert and today we're back with more aircraft news, but this one's sad. According to CNN, during a regular early morning cleaning service on an American Airlines plane, a cleaning crew found "what appears to be a fetus" in one of the bathrooms.

A Chief Medical Examiner in New York tells the publication that they are "investigating what we believe to be a human fetus found deceased on an airplane" adding how they will "release determination when [the] investigation is complete."

The cleaning crew quickly alerted their manager after their findings at 5 AM this morning where the authorities were called to properly deal with the matter. "As we continue to learn more about this tragic and sensitive situation, we are actively cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation," a statement from American Airlines reads. 

The plane arrived at LaGuardia Airport from Charlotte, North Carolina late Monday evening. More details are expected to arrive later this afternoon.