Yesterday several women came out with allegations ranging from Emotional Abuse to Sex with a Minor. The accusations were directed at Ameer Vann of Brockhampton by women who claimed to have dated him. Brockhampton were reached for contact and within hours the accused has offered an explanation and an apology for his actions.

The first of the accusations were made by ex-Girlfriends who claimed to be minors when they first engaged in a sexual relationship with Ameer. The following screenshot was used as used to inform the crowd that was forming around the issue, specifically on Twitter. The ages of the women in question were confirmed to be 2 years his junior.

The second accusation was of Emotional Abuse. His ex-Girlfriend Rhett claimed he "outed & glamourized her eating disorder" after the relationship came to a crumbling end. A second woman accused him of cheating on her with a underage woman, a third said he was "smothering and intense" during outgoing trip from England. And yet another woman claimed he violated rules of consent during sexual intercourse, accusations Ameer Vann vehemently denies. A certain ex-member of Brockhampton went as far as to say the group was complicit with Ameer's behaviour in not making their voices heard when they knew all too well he was "responsible."

Ameer Vann responded in the form of consecutive tweets, showing a willingness to concede that his behaviour was "selfish, childish, and unkind." While the tweets register as as apology, it's unclear whether Ameer has or will reach out personally to those affected, if that's even a possibility. Ameer flatly denies any "criminal harm" or "disrespect of boundaries." He closed his statement by characterizing himself as a person who will "learn to grow from his mistakes."