Amber Rose and her partner Alexander Edwards welcomed their first child together just a few months back and while Slash Electric is still too young to be up and moving, Amber's oldest son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz has double the energy until then. We recently posted a video of the six-year-old showing off his dance moves with his uncle and now Amber has come through to share another video on her son having a little dance-off with A.E. 

Andrew Toth/Getty Images

In the clip below, it looks as though Sebastian is trying to teach A.E. some moves but it turns out that A.E. is really trying to teach Sebastian. The dancing turns into some harmless back and forth as Sebastian tries to square up with A.E. 

"You Came into our lives and made our World a million times more fun!" Amber wrote of A.E. when sharing sweet words about her man back when she was expecting. "Ur the coolest Stepdad Sebastian could ask for whether ur getting up early and making him breakfast before school or taking him to Disney Land just to see a smile on his face. Welcome to our Family and Thank you for our New Blessing growing in my belly."