Amber Rose has never shied away from revealing to the public the more intimate details of her life. The star recently posted a video on Instagram which saw her plastic surgeon announce that she will receive a breast reduction in order to have more freedom and mobility. 

Since having completed the surgery, Rose took to Instagram to share with her followers how she has been coping with her new bosom. Using the story feature, Rose revealed that "I’m really just letting my hair grow and my eyebrows grow out and just trying to rest and relax and recover. And of course I wanted to give you an update on my new boobs."

Rose then panned her camera down to her chest to show her followers a sneak peak of their newly reduced chest size, noting "how much smaller they are. I really went down a lot." She then goes on to admit that "I don’t know if you guys know but I was like a 36 H. I was really, really big. I think now I might actually just be a D cup, which is really small for me."

Rose also revealed that she also received cellulite treatment on her legs and butt, and hopes to show off the results soon. She also took to Instagram to thank those at the medical centre who have taken care of her since having her breasts reduced.