Amber Rose has had a weird week in the headlines with Wiz Khalifa's mom trying to sue her and all. But turns out that despite the legal issues, she's still keeping a smile on her face and staying positive. In a run in with TMZ, she wasn't interested in chatting about the restraining order she's about to file against the grandmother of her child, but rather expressed her deep love for Atlanta's 21 Savage and her hopes to get married to him. 

In a clip taped at the airport, Amber is seen trying to grab her luggage after a flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles. At the airport, they tried to ask her about the whole case with Wiz's mom but instead responded with "let's talk about how in love I am and how happy I am," referring to her new boyfriend 21 Savage. While TMZ camera guy quickly hit her with "it's wonderful that you're happy and in love... and getting married soon."

Amber quickly responded with a chuckle and said "I want to marry him but we'll see."

This isn't a new claim. She posted a video of 21 performing at Lollapalooza captioned "Imma marry him."

The relationship between 21 Savage and Amber seemed to pop out of nowhere and also seemed kind of random, it's hard to say their not a cute couple. After the camera man asked what 21 had as opposed to other men she's dated, she responded with "we just have a lot in common."

Check the video out below: