Yesterday, it was reported that Wiz Khalifa's mother was filing a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife and mother of his son, Amber Rose. While when reported, it was said that Amber has yet to respond to the claim, new developments have occurred. TMZ has reported that Amber is getting a lawyer to file a restraining order against Wiz's mom, Katie Wimbush-Polk.

According to the media outlet, their sources have reported that Amber believes Wimbush-Polk's hatred stems from the fact that her son and Amber split a few years back. It's been reported that, Amber believes that the defamation case is a revenge lawsuit because of that as well.

The restraining order that Rose is trying to file is to keep her and her son away from Wimbush-Polk because she believes that if Bash is exposed to his grandmother's hatred for Amber, it might affect him as well.

The lawsuit that Wiz's mother is filing is due to a supposed phone call that happened a few months back. She claims that Amber made false claims that she "imputed criminality" and is unfit to be a grandmother. 

The lawsuit being filed by Wimbush says that she's seeking damages up to $50,000 which include court charges, interests and other damages. 

Other than Amber filing the restraining order, there has yet to be any official word from Wiz himself. But chances are he won't be making any public comments any time soon.