Getting nipped and tucked is almost a right of passage in today's culture whether you're a celebrity or not. We know that most famous figures do, at some point, get a bit of cosmetic surgery done, but there are still those who choose to lie about their experiences with going under the knife. Amber Rose, however, doesn't have a problem admitting when she about to get her body sculpted, as she did on Wednesday.

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

On Hump Day morning, Amber, who gave birth to son Slash Electric six weeks ago, shared a video clip of herself on Instagram. She was laying in a gurney and had a hospital garb on with markings on her face. "So I'm here at Dr. Matlock's office and I'm about to get my whole body done after the baby," she began. It's obvious that Amber was plugging her surgeon and advertising for him, but the model mom also shared a bit about what work she was about to have completed. She said Dr. Matlock was going to take a bit off from her jowls, an area that she says is hereditary. 

Amber continued that her surgeon would also be working on removing the baby fat from her belly, as well. Her famous friends wished her well along with tens of thousands of others. "All of your favorite Girls and Guys go to him they just don’t tell you but I will!" Amber added in the caption. Watch the clip below.