Amber Rose held nothing back in a recent interview on The Domenick Nati Show

The model/host covered a variety of subjects, including a man breaking into her home earlier this month. "[The police] said they could possibly know who it is. They didn’t send me the picture or video yet, so I personally didn’t see anything yet," said Rose. "Emotionally, yeah it was extremely tough. I’m a lot more paranoid."

Rose also said that there are now armed guards and an alarm system at her residence.

Not long after the house intrusion, Rose’s Twitter account was hacked, which she also confirmed on the show. Finally, Amber said that, even though he's a friend, she'd never consider going out with Tyga. "I would not date him because he’s my best friend’s son’s father. So I would never date Tyga," explained Rose. "He’s always been nice to me. I don’t have any ill feelings towards him at all."