You can go ahead and add Amber Rose's name to the long list of people who are excited to see The Weeknd's headlining performance at Coachella this year.

Amber took to Instagram this morning to share with her fans a video of her lying down in bed, and covering "Valerie", a song that was released on the album Thursday, the second in The Weeknd's Trilogy series. 

Those of you who were curious to hear if Amber's singing chops are going to be disappointed, however, and she's singing the song through a pitched up voice filter, complete with the mouse ears and nose from the Snapchat filter.

It might not be because she's not confident in singing skills, as the caption she included in her post strongly suggests that she's stuck at home with some sort of sickness.

Amber writes, "In my room bored af as I am brushing up on all of @theweeknd’s songs before Coachella 🔥😂 Sidebar I sound like a dying cat without the filter but I look cute though 🤷🏼‍♀️ #payit #valerie #feelingsaf."

It seems that Amber has a special connection to "Valerie", enough that she felt that that should be the song she shares with her fans. The Weeknd sings about a girl that he loves but is cheating on, and given some of Amber's past relationships, she might have good reason to relate to it.

Unfortunately for Amber, it's uncertain whether or not The Weeknd will be performing that song when he headlines Coachella next friday, especially considering he just released his newest EP, My Dear Melancholy,.