The internet felt a collective moment of confusion when a picture of Amber Rose lighting Lil Pump's cigarette appeared online from the Rolling Loud festival last weekend.

The photo was perplexing for two reasons. The first was that Lil Pump's biggest hit "Gucci Gang" has him denouncing cigarettes, so it's very shocking to see Pump go back on his morals like that. The second was that seeing a newly-single Amber Rose with any rapper is grounds enough to start dating rumors. 

The issue there is that Amber Rose is a 34-year-old woman and Lil Pump still can't legally buy his own smokes, since he's only 17 years old. That wasn't enough to stop the rumor mill from implying that they were together, and Amber went to her Instagram story today to put those rumors to rest.

"Stop saying I'm dating Lil Pump I'm old enough to be his mother 😒," Amber wrote. "All because I lit his cigarette? Lol DF y'all are sooooo corny for that."

There it is. Official confirmation that Amber and Pump are not together. While implausible that they would be together, Amber does have a proclivity towards younger men, as evidenced by her recent relationship with 21 Savage.

Speaking of, it's impossible that Amber and Pump could even be together, as Amber recently penned a love letter to her old flame telling him how much she still loves him. Amber's never been shy about showing off the men she's dating, so when she stops being single, she'll be the first to tell us.