Despite the two not always being on the best of terms, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose have made the best of their situation to co-parent their son Bash. The divorced couple has had enough time to sort out their differences and they now have nothing but love for one another. With Amber constantly sharing the cutest moments she shares with her son, Wiz is focusing on his music, releasing the highly-anticipated Rolling Papers II today. With the 25-song tracklist giving listeners a lot to take in on their first go, Amber praised her ex-husband's efforts on the album, showing major love by reposting the album art and tracklisting on her socials.

If she were pettier, she wouldn't have even thought about promoting her ex-husband's new music but the SlutWalk organizer took some time out of her day to let everyone know Wiz was dropping. The entertainer wrote, "Make sure you get Sebastian’s Dad‘s NEW ALBUM Dropping Tonight Midnight #rollingpapers2." The message, in itself, is pretty funny as she chooses to refer to Wiz as "Sebastian's Dad," but later on, she tagged his IG handle to make sure he sees the love. 

Her intentions seem pretty genuine as the two have been spotted together at birthday parties for their son and special events. We can definitely feel the love in the air. Rolling Papers II is out now and you can check it out here.