Amber Rose is all about women empowerment and not standing by rape culture or men trying to put women below them. Her biggest example of this is her yearly SlutWalk's that champion such philosophies. Amid some foolish comment that the Carolina Panther quarterback (Cam Newton) said where he found it "funny to hear a female talk about routes," Amber Rose has responded in a pretty calm manner. 

Taking to her Instagram with a caption that went alongside the video of Cam putting his foot in his mouth she said: "This is why we need to continue to educate our boys.... let's not get mad at him and understand that society taught him to think this way his entire life. That we as women are not as smart as men, that we are incapable of liking or being knowledgeable about sports because we have a vagina. Truly it is not his fault for thinking this way but unfortunately for him there has to be consequences in order to bring change. Love Always- Captain Save a Hoe."

The understanding tone of Amber comes at a surprise as the 33-year-old has got in heated social media debates before, more notably her Twitter exchange with Piers Morgan where he called her SlutWalk promotional photos "not feminism" but "attentionseekingism." Amber fired back calling him a "dirty boy" and saying she would make him her "little submissive bitch." 

Overall, Cam needs to cool it with having his name be in negative headlines and Amber can continue with responding to these kinds of headlines in a calm manner.