Over the years, Amber Rose has taken a lot of heat. Previously married to Wiz Khalifa and involved in a close romantic relationship with Kanye West, Amber has been publically defined by the men she dates. As a proud, independent woman, people often fail to recognize the steps she's taken as an entrepreneur and activist throughout her career. As a result, she's been clowned for years as her haters refer to her past as a stripper or, as she says, a "hoe," in order to shame her. However, she's not letting any negativity get her sidetracked. A major advocate for the SlutWalk, Amber has worked as a feminist leader as of late and she has words for anybody that attempts to denounce her.

Mixing the negative with the positive, Amber made an incredibly self-aware post where she provides a short list of what she's been labeled in the past. She wrote, "Entrepreneur, Ex Stripper, Millionaire, Hoe, Baby Mama, Ex Wife, Girlfriend, Daughter, Tennis Ball head.... Keep it going 😂." While she's not exactly welcoming the hate, she's simply reminding everybody that it does not bother her. You can say whatever you want about Amber Rose but it doesn't change the fact that she's a millionaire and entrepreneur.

Currently spending much of her time with Monte Morris of the Denver Nuggets, "Tennis Ball Head" Amber Rose continues to be an activist for women's rights and promote body positivity. What are your opinions on her recent post?