Amber Rose has built her brand on being sex-positive and vocal about her right to be a supposed "slut." Although the former video vixen is notorious for her shameless grind, her fans may not know about the era during which she attempted to run drugs in the streets of Philly. In a recent interview with Van Lathan, Amber recalled her drug-dealing stint which proved to be a failure. Listen to the full conversation after the jump.

"I tried selling crack in my neighborhood," she explained. "They said I was gonna get robbed. I was a girl and I was too pretty, and it wasn't going to happen." She eventually opted to "bag up the crack rocks for them" instead to get a cut from their hustle. She then goes on to highlight the double standards when it comes to men getting "a pass" for having done certain activities for survival. This is one of the reasons why it took her close to a decade to make her drug-related experience public.

She also addresses her apparent tendency to date famous men. Rose says that her love life decisions are based on feeling secure. While a "regular" man may be attractive, she does not trust people who those have "nothing to lose" for fear that they might rob her. Bringing this kind of man around her family is simply not an option.