Amber Rose has been a paparazzi fixture through most of her time as a star in the hip-hop community, whether it's as Kanye West's former flame or as the current romantic partner for 21 Savage. She recently stopped by Everyday Struggle to talk about her relationships with both of those men and more. Surprisingly, given her public persona at least, she tries to keep her private life as low-key as possible.

"We try to be discreet," says Rose. "If we go to a restaurant, we don't call and say, 'It's for Amber Rose and 21 Savage [...] believe it or not, I don't like a lot of attention." 

She also spoke about Kanye's lyrics on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and rumors that the vast majority of the content is related to her. Rose admitted that, while she recognizes some references, some of Yeezy's words are almost certainly about some other women apart from her as well.

Check out the full-length chat below.