Amber Rose is proud of her body, and she won't let conservative notions of how a female should present herself stop her from showing it off. Even she, however, has been hesitant to reveal two small regions on her voluptuous bosom, and those would be the nipples and their surrounding areolae, one per breast, for those unfamiliar.

We all have them, and Amber decided to free one of hers today in a picture taken by professional photographer Solmaz Saberi. Amber posted the picture, in which one of her breasts is covered by her white fur coat and the other is left wholly exposed, to her Twitter and Instagram accounts simultaneously.

It seems that Twitter has adopted a more progressive stance regarding which parts of the female body the platform is able to reveal than that of Instagram, which has remained stringent on its no-nipple policy. Still, the photo left on Amber's Instagram, which you can see below, doesn't leave much to the imagination, as she has obscured about 80% of the nipple in question with markings that match the photo's all-white background.

If that's not enough, though, you can head to Amber's Twitter page to see the entire nipple in all of its glory. Congrats to Amber's right nipple on its well-deserved freedom!