Ever since she dated Kanye West many years ago, Amber Rose has been one of the most popular women in the entertainment world. People follow her every move, wondering what she will tackle next. The former exotic dancer is currently pregnant with her second child and on Father's Day, she showed major love to both of her children's dads. Much of Amber's product offering is pretty explicit so she likely tries to hide a lot from her young son Sebastian and although her latest addition might look like it should be kept away in a stash box, it can actually be stored in plain view of the kids.

Amber Rose took to social media to announce her new partnership with Kokonuggz, introducing her latest product: Unicorn Nuggz. From the name and the look of the item, you would think Amber is the next person to get into the cannabis industry. Everybody has been investing and given her history of promoting vape pen companies, it would be a logical step for her. What she's promoting might appear to be dried cannabis but in reality, it's just chocolate. 

The birthday cake-flavoured goodies are now available and Amber wants to make it crystal clear that there is no THC or CBD in them. "No, it is not medicated," said the model. "Hopefully, they'll come out with that soon but this is just really good, amazing gourmet chocolate. And it looks like weed so it's really cool to put up in your house, people will think they're stealing weed from you but really, they're stealing really good chocolate."

Amber's new Unicorn Nuggz sparkle and shine with edible glitter on the outer layer. They're offered in 1oz baggies and 6.5oz glass jars.