Amber Rose is keen on building a tightly knit community. Her efforts extend past her annual SlutWalk. The social media star is now giving her fans direct access to her through a mobile application.

Rose announced her new initiative on Instagram in a short clip. Her following is invited to call and text her through the Collide app.

"So I just started on this new app called Collide. So if you wanna text or call me, make sure you download the app right now and subscribe. And I will get your text messages and phone calls straight to my phone."

Although her Collide profile welcomes users with a message that states that Amber Rose is "bored" and yearning for company, the phone calls and text messages entail fees. Still, this is just one of the elements that comprise her connection to her growing fanbase. 

The model is also offering financial assistance to women of ambition. She promises financial support for those who are working towards specific projects that will benefit them long-term.

Her honesty about her own struggles in another factor that attracts stans. She recently opened up about overcoming trauma caused by abusive relationships. After experiencing three toxic romantic connections, Amber Rose warns others of the red flags they can be aware of in order to avoid the same cycle of abuse.  She is here for y'all, mind, body and soul.