Amber Rose is nearing the final countdown of her pregnancy for when she'll be welcoming her second child, and first with her boyfriend Alexander AE Edwards. While Amber continues to pump out advertisements for Flat Tummy Tea (even though she's getting shamed for doing so while pregnant) she's also taken time to poke fun at herself over some memes that have been posted to the web. 

Amber was recently spotted out and about in Los Angeles, wearing a white crop and sweatpants, showing off her very pregnant belly. The 35-year-old opted for no makeup since was seemingly just out running errands and the photos paparazzi took of her have sparked some memes.

One meme that Amber clearly found a little funny was shared to her Instagram story, comparing her to butthead from Beavis & Butthead. Amber simply responded by sharing a side-eye emoji.

In other Amber news, she recently made a statement on the past-viral Cucumber challenge and how women shouldn't shame any participants. "I feel like a lot of girls are being very insecure because they watched the video and they're like, 'Oh b*tch, I can't do that.' But the thing that we have to remember is that if your man is going and cheating on you or just being disrespectful, you got to understand baby girl that don't got sh*t to do with you," she said.