A few days ago, Meek Mill caused a storm on social media when he denounced laced-front wigs. The rapper faced an enormous amount of backlash from women following the comments which led him to apologize on Twitter and let people know that he was only joking. However, the tweet seemed to fuel something in Amber Rose who took to Instagram to put any man on blast who judge's women for how their hair looks.


Amber Rose hit the 'Gram with an empowering message for all women. Rose seemed to catch wind of Meek Mill's comments on laced-front wigs and had a few words to say about it. Rose has been using her platform to share messages of female empowerment over the years. She essentially told every man that their opinion on how women wear their hair is irrelevant.

“So I’m sitting here in my kitchen in my jammies, in my mommy gear, and I look online and I just see all these men telling women what to do with their hair, what to do with bodies and it’s just like, I’m really f*cking dumbfounded. I just can’t even believe men are still out there telling us what to do. And yes I’m a girl that, I wear my natural hair but guess what, sometimes I want to put on a f*cking wig and sometimes I want to feel pretty and feel different. Light-skinned, dark-skinned ladies, wear whatever the f*ck makes you happy and don’t let these men change your minds about how beautiful you feel. Because this sh*t is just getting f*cking ridiculous and I just can’t take it anymore. ‘Wear your natural hair. Wear this, wear this.’ Don’t nobody tell y’all what the f*ck to wear. Nobody tells y’all anything. Y’all just go and do whatever the f*ck y’all want and we all just gotta sit back.”

Peep the video below.