Amber Rose and her baller beau Monte Morris are seemingly still going strong after a couple months of dating. From Amber's previous posts showing the couple having fun at a baseball game to their car ride kisses, the duo are still very much in the honeymoon phase of dating. The latest update on their romance comes by way of Amber's Instagram story upload where we see the couple at a club, sharing a kiss on camera - check it out below. 

Not too long ago Amber chatted with Peter Rosenberg about her past relationships, and something her therapist told her about her dating habits. “I had to go see a therapist, and she was just like, ‘You attract narcissistic sociopaths.’ And I’m not mentioning no names. But a few of them have been that.”

She added: "Like, nah, you’re not gonna control my every move, you’re not gonna tell me what I need to wear, you’re not gonna tell me where I need to go or who to be friends with. I don’t have time for that shit."