A few years ago, it was rumored that Amber Rose had cheated on 21 Savage during their relationship with one of his friends, which led to their breakup. At the time, Savage called "cap" on the reports and said that if she cheated, she "would be dead." 

Now, Amber is corroborating those claims, telling a fan who suggested that she two-timed Savage that she did no such thing.

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Making fun of herself on Instagram Stories, Amber Rose shared a meme saying, "SHE THOUGHT HER MAN WAS DIFFERENT LOOOOOL," with a mannequin pointing at another. "My bald headed ass," joked the activist, referring to her boyfriend Alexander "AE" Edwards admitting to cheating on her with multiple women, despite the fact that they just had a kid together.

In the comments, somebody suggested that this was karma for what Amber did to 21 Savage, but she says she was never disloyal with the rapper.

"I never cheated on that man stop playing with me," she said.

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Considering the fact that they haven't been together in such a long time, and that Amber Rose has a whole child from a later relationship, you would think that fans would have gotten over Amber and 21 together, as well as the rumors that surrounded them. But still, here they are, fighting off rumors three years later.

Check out her response below.