Well, this just got a little weird.

In the latest development in the story surrounding the questionable work conditions of Amazon employees at the company’s fulfillment centers, the retailer has recruited a group of “Ambassadors” who are tasked with countering all claims of poor working conditions with tweets highlighting just how great the company really is.

The group consists of about 15 different users with a Twitter bio crafted the exact some way: “[Job title] @ [Warehouse Location]. [Length of service] Amazonian. [List of things they like outside of work].”

Each user’s header features the signature Amazon logo and each account contains a link to a website for Amazon warehouse tours. The patterns were first spotted by a Twitter user, Flamboyant Shoes Guy. TechCrunch would further investigate the subject before The Sun reported that an Amazon representative confirmed the deliberate creation of the Amazon FC Ambassador club.

“FC ambassadors are employees who have experience working in our fulfilment centers," the spokesperson tells The Sun. "The most important thing is that they’ve been here long enough to honestly share the facts based on personal experience.”

"It’s important that we do a good job of educating people about the actual environment inside our fulfillment centers, and the FC ambassador program is a big part of that along with the fulfilment center tours we provide,” they added.

The tours are a push from Amazon to promote a more positive reputation by allowing thousands of customers to visit fulfillment centers every year to see what really happens on the inside.

Instances of the FC Ambassadors coming to the rescue include Ambassador “Shaye” replying to a Twitter user’s claims that a “good number of Amazon employees are on food stamps,” a government benefit that allows low-income families to afford food.

"I work at one in [Texas] and can assure you – not on food stamps/never have been,” wrote Shaye. “"In fact, I know a LOT of the people in this warehouse & have yet to meet one who is […] We receive good pay and a generous benefits package. Lots of ops to move up into even higher paying jobs too."

In another response Ambassador “Phil” denies any instances of mistreatment after one user said that Amazon treat employees “like sh-t.”

According to the ambassadors, they do not receive any extra compensation for their participation in this program. Check out some of their tweets down below.