Shopping can be an addiction for some people. Grabbing the latest gear, whether apparel or electronic, is part of hip-hop culture. Rappers stress the importance of having the latest in everything, and the culture follows their rhymes. Thanks to Amazon Prime Day, that new television or smartphone you've been eyeing will drop down to prices that are hard to ignore. 

You don't have to wait until Thanksgiving night to spend hours obsessing over new deals anymore. Amazon Prime Day starts on Monday (July 16), and there will be over 1 million deals worldwide. The sale will last for 36 hours, and take place in the US, Mexico, UK, Spain, Singapore, Japan, India, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, France, China, Canada, Belgium, Austria, Australia,  and the Netherlands. In the US, Amazon Prime Day begins at 3 PM ET.

Of course, the majority of the deals are only offered to Amazon Prime members. According to CNet, there are already several early bird specials. You can get your Christmas shopping done extremely early, or you can splurge on yourself. Everything from school supplies, to movies and music, and laptops and televisions, are all receiving massive discounts. The internet holiday began three years ago when Amazon decided to celebrate their 20th anniversary by offering insane deals to their Prime members. Let the celebration continue.