Jeff Bezos, the billionaire creator of Amazon, continues to notch wins. According to CNNAmazon's total market value has just surpassed the trillion dollar mark, making it the second American company in history to do so. Apple accomplished the goal just a month ago. At the beginning of the year, Amazon's worth sat at $580 billion. 

The rapid increase in Amazon's worth is dependent on two factors, the success of the online marketplace and the faith of investors. CNN spoke with Daniel Martins, the owner of an independent research firm, about investors' trust in Amazon. "It's too high of a bar to assume that they'll succeed at everything that they do," Martins stated. "But at the same time, I think Amazon is the best combination in the world of the scale of a large company and that entrepreneurial DNA with the spirit of a startup." Amazon has succeeded in almost everything they have done though, based on their ability to dominate several markets. There is hardly a market, or industry, that has not been impacted by Amazon's retail method. From beauty to groceries, and auto parts to new cells phones, Amazon has surpassed the old way of bringing consumers their goods. Amazon's web services alone are worth $375 billion. Add in their Prime subscriptions, revenue from advertisers, and the company's cloud business, and you've got a trillion dollar business.