Amanda Nunes crushed Ronda Rousey in a one-sided affair that lasted less than a minute at UFC 207 last week, and now she has all the bragging rights over the once-dominate former champ.

Speaking with TMZ, Nunes said that she always knew she could beat Ronda Rousey ever since the first time she saw her fight, and is baffled that Ronda was ever the champion of their division. 

"I don't know how Ronda Rousey [went on] to win this division," she said. "I don't understand how those gals lost to Ronda Rousey."

"I knew since my first fight in the UFC I could beat Ronda Rousey."

When asked if the fight was easier than she anticipated, Nunes didn't let up, saying not only was it easier than expected but that she had to train way harder for her UFC 200 bout against Miesha Tate.

And lastly, Nunes was asked if Ronda Rousey is overrated, to which she emphatically replied:

"Yes! For sure," she said. "UFC made this happen. They put her in a place she’s not at. I [knew I could] beat Ronda Rousey since I saw her first fight."

Check out the video clip below.