Amanda Bynes might have a child on the way but according to TMZ, the child won't stay in her custody after she gives birth. Bynes announced that she's currently pregnant with her boyfriend Paul Michael's child but she's also in the midst of receiving treatment at a psychiatric facility. Although things with her treatment are going well, she's still under a conservatorship that her parents run. As they've maintained control of her legal and medical decisions in the past few years, her father's currently requesting to have co-custody of the child alongside Michael.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Apparently, she's unaware that she's losing custody (until she reads the numerous reports, of course). Sources close to her, though, deny that her pregnancy was in any shape or form some sort of way to get out of conservatorship run by her parents. She will remain under the conservatorship even after she gives birth.

Bynes has been longing for a child for a while now. She's currently six weeks pregnant but her cigarette habit has raised concerns surrounding the child's health. It's unclear if she has any intentions of quitting anytime soon but for the sake of her unborn child, we hope she does.

Stay tuned for more updates surrounding Amanda Bynes' situation or don't. It is really up to you at the end of the day.