After years of struggling with her mental health, it appears though Amanda Bynes will receive the help she needs. As reported by The Blast, after a court hearing with her family and fiance appearing in front of a judge, Bynes was given the opportunity to admit herself into a psychiatric facility. The alternative option would be that she would be taken there directly after her trial. At the time of the hearing, Bynes agreed to the conditions, but once the weekend came around and she wasn't complying, her family had to get involved.

After not reporting to the live-in facility, Bynes also ended things with her recent fiance, a student whom she met through AA. The engagement was called off as a way for both parties to focus on getting themselves better, without the added responsibilities of treating each other. According to her former fiance, he was caught off-guard about the severity of her situation, assuming that she hadn't been truthful with him about her condition. Bynes was very open about her relationship and love for Paul, her ex-fiance, and is likely heart-broken that he left at such a vulnerable time.

Bynes' family has been in contact with her since the trial and is trying to get her the help she deserves. We all want the best for the parties involved and would want nothing less than her getting the help she promised the judge she would get.