In honor of Black History Month, the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority is aiming to create financial stability for HBCU institutions through a substantial monetary gift toward 96 accredited institutions. The sorority's charitable effort is propelled by their AKA-HBCU Endowment Fund in partnership with their Educational Advancement Foundation. Since some HBCUs are currently facing economic struggles, the prolific group of women is pledging to gift $10 million across these universities to offset the financial concerns. The first installment of $50 000 towards 32 of participating HBCUs is slated for February 28.

Dr. Glenda Glover (Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

“As an HBCU graduate and someone who has dedicated my life’s work to the HBCU community, I personally know that the financial challenges of many institutions have an impact on student enrollment, retention and graduation rates,” said Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. International President Dr. Glenda Glover. “Implementing an endowment fund is a critical need and has been a priority for my administration since I took office last year. Alpha Kappa Alpha’s 111-year history is deeply interwoven into the history of HBCUs, and therefore it is imperative that we continue to invest in these treasured institutions.”

The Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority has been popularized by some of its alumni which include the likes of Senator Kamala Harris who is currently on the campaign trail ahead of the 2020 presidential elections.