After receiving a less clunky and actually inspired update, Allen Iverson's signature Answer 1 shoes are getting reissued for the first time in their original Sixers colours. For some reason, although they've been reissued before, most recently in 2013, the shoes have never been released in the colour that AI himself had: white and red. 

According to Sole Collector the shoes will be dropping on September 22nd in China and will make their way across the ocean later this year. It's been twenty years since the shoes were last available to the non-ebay-shopping public. 

Along with the new Answer 4.5 and the red-and-white Answer 1, AI has other shoes on the way too. Reebok and Iverson announced last December that they will release all of AI's classic shoes, plus one new one under the umbrella of the "Reebok I3 Legacy Collection." The new model is as of yet unnamed and has no release date, but is well documented in photos here. As for the Question, AI's other classic shoe, there's a Cam'ron version on the way, the colour of which will be (surprise!) purple.

The new answer 1s don't yet have a price, but check back in for any and all updates as they arrive.